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Hi there,

i'm ettiene botha

I'm proudly a South African artist.
I Worked for a Digital company "The Wikid Agency" as a web developer for 2 years. Soon after, I got introduced to ANIME and since then I've had the desire to create characters and bring them alive with their own tales to tell. Have been doing character designing and illustration for the past 2 years, professionally for the past year and a half.
Working with various clients over the world from individuals to business coaches and Design Agencies. 

FEATURED IN: Canvas Rebel
I’m born in (1998), a South African Artist who created my own art business at 23, Ezra Art & Ezra Design.

I always loved art, but the sort of art I was exposed to never really got me inspired enough to pursue it. During the first year of the Covid-19 Pandemic I saw Dragon ball Super, a show I loved as a kid It stirred up all kids of emotions and it led me to explore the world of Anime (Japanese animation).

Soon after I bought my first laptop and digital drawing tablet, and I started learning character design. Years later, and I’ve made a career as a character designer.

I have always been transparent about this, but I’m not the best artist and designer out there, you can find a million others better than me. But that is also my driving force, I’ve never settled for just okay. I always work to become better, so I can say “I am standing amongst some of the best in the world. ”
How do I differentiate myself?

Maybe it is my style, or the way I interpret and see things? So can million of other artists and designers say as well. All I know for sure is that, by staying true to myself…is what truly differentiates me. Because in reality, clients hire me, because they like and trust me. The fact that I create quality work is a added bonus for them.

I’m still growing and adventuring to new depths, I’m kind of greedy in what I want to obtain in my life… so I will be working hard to make my goals and dreams a reality. And lastly, it was thanks to God, my parents, sister, friends and my fellow business friends and mentors that has supported me greatly. They made the fall of losing a bit softer, but helped me stand up even stronger with better experience and knowledge every time I failed.
Programs I use:
Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Krita, Gimp, Word, Excel, Powerpoint

1. I have an extensive set of skills to create a wide range of character concepts. My specialty lies in human based characters, but I'm able to create mechanical, mythical creatures, hybrids and animal characters.
2. I understand the importance of character sheets in the game and animation field, and is equipped to be able to provide these sheets.
3. I have a wide range of knowledge on clothing, cultures, religions, myths ect.

1. I am more than equip to create the ultimate album/ep/single covers. I understand the principles of cover art and what effect it plays in creating a visual representation of the music. I have extensive knowledge what layout, color, font size works well for cover art. As well as the ideal size for streaming platforms and hard copies.
2. As a author myself I understand how important book cover art is. If the cover art isn't enticing and eye catching, you have the potential of loosing potential clients. Book covers can even effect whether you are accepted by publishers. That is why I make it a very big deal to create the perfect book cover that represents what your book is about, and is visually enticing so that your audience connect.

7 Years self taught experience in both watercolor and acrylic canvas paintings. I specialize mostly on stylized portraits and expressive imaginative works of art. I have created multiple large artworks for my clients. My watercolor style consists mostly with a white background with patterns, lines or destress. My canvas artwork are mostly more expressive and less defined compared to my watercolor art. 

Udemy: Anime Academy: Characters and Illustration 2021-2021
Udemy: Html & CSS 2020-2021
Shaw Academy: Online Marketing 2019-2022
Black Fort Centre: Graphic Design 2018-2019


Interior Designers, Coffee Shops & Restaurants, Hotels, Curators, Galleries, Home & Business Owners Looking For Amazing Art

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