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Meliodas Demon Form Art Print

Meliodas Demon Form Art Print


If you are a Seven Deadly Sins fan you will surely enjoy this hung up on your wall. We gotta have anime art in our rooms/ offices, it's the duty of being a proud weeb.

Original Digital Graffiti Art made by me (Ettiene Botha aka Ezra). *Watermark not added to print*

Please enjoy this awesome anime artwork. Let's weeb out together from far away with the clasp of this artworks anime connection.

AVAILABLE IN: South Africa

Email me if you are from another country and would like this artwork.

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Is the artwork on the products ezra's
Yes, all of the artwork including fandom art, fandom products and original artwork such as original character designs, painting ect. has been created by myself (Ettiene Aka Ezra)

How does the copyright and ownership work for your art?
All original files and items of products and artwork are copyrighted and owned by Ezra Art (Ettiene Botha aka Ezra). Any products made by me and distributed by Ezra Art may not be resold or duplicated as your own property.

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