Chirsto & Kirsten

15 - MARCH - 2024

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The ceremony & reception

Our wedding will be held at Riverside Country Estate


For Our Out-of-town guests

If you are traveling or simply wish not to drive back home afterwards. You can book yourself in at Water Edge that is just across of the venue where the ceremony and reception will be held. 
Remember to consider your safety and health. 

sleep-inn and suites

WatersEdge BandB, Plot 41, Grootvaly AH, Springs, 1559
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Dress Code

Black tie

For your convenience, find references to various black tie dress codes as inspiration for both our gents and ladies. 
For men: Men are not limited to just bow ties.

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Only individuals on the invite are able to attend. Additional plus ones to be discussed with the bride in terms of pricing.

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Honeymoon wish

If you were thinking of giving a gift to help us on our way, a gift of cash towards our honeymoon, would really make our day!
If however it's a gift you find, please be assured we will not mind!

Upload Photos & Videos

Did you take any videos & photos while you where at our wedding? Please share them with us. 

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